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Dom's Sausage Company — it's difficult to not giggle every day as I drive by this fine establishment. After reading all the amazing reviews, we had to check it out for ourselves. Dom’s is pretty no frills. One room for a small market/deli and the walk-in fridge for all of your meaty needs. We got some steak tips and ran home right quick to grill ’em up. The marinade is so good and the tips were crazy tender - slightly sweet and a little tangy, but in general just so melt-in-your-mouth amazing. The steakhouse style chicken looks amazing — (looked like a lemon/pepper marinade) as did practically everything else in the joint. Can’t wait to get back there to try some more!

4/26/08 I would give Dom's 10 stars if I could. When I think “steak tips”, I think Dom’s. They have the best steak tips around. I’m not sure if it’s because their meat is so fresh and tender or if it’s because their marinades are tasty. But, when cooked to perfection, their steak tips just melt in your mouth. Unbelievable. If you’re hosting a BBQ this summer, do yourself a favor and hit up Dom’s for your meat. You will not only earn the respect of your existing friends, you will make plenty of new ones. The steak tips may be the star of the show, but the chicken, turkey, sausages, etc. are all excellent. While you’re there buying your rations, make sure to hit up the Dom’s deli and get a steak tip sub. I have yet to make a steak tip sub as good as the one from Dom’s deli counter. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Aside from the great product, Dom’s prices are reasonable, and the staff is incredibly friendly. These people deserve your business, so stop reading this review, go to Dom’s right now, and thank me later!
11/12/2009 I am a transplant to the Virginia area from Malden and let me tell you, there are some things I still cant do without. We are finally starting to get Dunkin Donuts around here and go out of my way to get a cup of good Java. Dom’s steak tips is about the only other thing that I truely miss from the area. Whenever we go up for a visit, you bet there is a cooler full of those yummy steak tips on its way back to Virginia when I leave. When family comes down to visit from Malden, they are smart enough to bring us a cooler full of those little pieces of heaven. As a matter of fact, I have a friend up there visiting some of his family in the Malden area this week and I just sent him my Dom’s order to bring back. If you havent been here to check out the fresh delicious meat and poultry, oh and dont forget about the deli sandwiches that are out of this world, you have no idea what you are missing.
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