Steaks and Roasts


Tenderloin (Filet Roast)

Starting at $19.99
Our leanest and most tender cut of steak. For special occasions or to have a luxurious dinner at home.

Sirloin Strip Steak

Starting at $14.99
A high end cut because it has good marbling (for flavor and juiciness) and it's tender. It's one of the most popular cuts at top quality steakhouses.

Boneless Ribeye

Starting at $17.50
A rib roast without the bones. Rich, beefy flavor; juicy and tender with generous marbling throughout. Price: $22.99/lb

Eye Round Roast

Starting at $23.97
For the low and slow chef. A lean roast that is on the tougher side. Great for oven roasting, braising, and smoking. Price: $7.99/lb